The thrill that you receive after you punch that fear and forge. That experience is precious. Cherish it. Once you break the boundary of fear, you feel invincible of having done something out-of-the-box, something beyond the rules, beyond usual. The thrill that I received after I had my first physical fight. Damn it was so enthralling. How I punched at his face with tightly clenched fist of anger. Blowing out all my frustration. The inner demon inside of me would not stop. Each punch I landed was like a fuel to that demon inside of me. It built up more and more. It was thrilling almost near to an orgasm but exalting mentally rather physically.


How Do I Declare

How do I declare
That in you I find a flair
Your perfectly imperfect skin
For others it is nothing
For me it is something

Your hazel eyes
In them I can fall
And experience
Your maroon against

But you are unaware
You don’t know it yet
Apprehension is all
I possess
But sometimes you do
leave me in a hunch

For once I wish the world
Was different
And loving
For what I seek
Is a taboo for the generals
Is it to you too?

I wait for the moment
A Perfect one
When I would have courage
To say
What I have wanted to say
Ever since I laid my eyes on you
Fear stops me every moment
I was near blurting those words
Just three but so strong
That can initiate something

Mea fabula

Release me from this shell
I am within
I didn’t realise, I’ve held myself
Inhibitions took over my instincts

I cradle into the hands
of darkness to find peace
Destruction of my creativity
is set to increase

My pathway to seek truth
comes with struggles from within
Disappointment when ideals not followed

I drink from the vial of society, the
potion of judgement and false self-respect

Look at what I have done, physically
rationally inert
my anger comes like a storm followed
by a rainfall of salty memories
and consequences

Guilty from within
depressed from median
lack of interest
poisons my veins of enthusiasm.

divinitus inspirata

difficult  to screen
my thoughts careen
my self-esteem inked
walls perforated
letting in humility
underestimate my ability

swords of ideas drawn out
indication of a lout
true individual is one
that takes action

buried deep into my soul
an arrow of norms
sunken through time
mangled goal
appeasement by conform
sunken through time

eyes morose
face composed
grueling souls
society wretched
needs a hatchet


Chaleb Meam Uno

that disturbance passed
through me
I shivered from the cold
the humiliation grounded
cheeks flushed, mind rushed
scooted out, eyes moist
ideas shunned, desolate mind

the dark green woods
eyes swiveled around
face wore a smug
heart was warm
this was my clandestine vantage

through an inevitable walk
eyes caught a soul
wrapped in a blanket
of glaucous aura
hinds touching, knees hoisted
my feet squelched
the soul turned
a faint glint of pain
in its eyes

sat next to it
looked it in the eye
my soul dived
into the abyss
as I wallowed in
I was encompassed by
colourful raging fire
it was beautiful
vermillion, viridian, indigo
it was beautiful
evident was the pain
it seared through my skin

before I could
be myself
I was up against the soul in
an inevitable embrace
augmenting delight
vanquishing sorrow
appeased the heart
an influx of warmth
swallowed my maroon
maroon against maroon
huddled into one-another