Every human under a notion
to bias
Take a stance for commotion
Left and right
Dark and bright
Red and blue
Without a clue

Right and wrongs are the same
what matters is who has the game
Reason and logic are down the pipe
When ego is thriving ripe
augmenting the sword
eulogising the perpetrators
Mother of reason is raped
as scent of unsagacious smoke is vaped

if you enamour enlightenment
come to a settlement
take a vow
embrace the rainbow
you doth not be couth
you doth not feel ruth
fight for the right
make earthly inclination quiet
nothing is absolute
we all are ex nihilo flute



Burning hearts, dazzling skulls
flying through the dark heaven
blood drizzling down falling
on the sands of burnt skin
storms of ash blow down upon graves
and settle
the darkness crawls over everything
huge insects nest over the bones
footprints of hatred over the sand
eternally unconquerable
muffled thunders of anger, lightening of rage
cast over the horizon
darkness in search of life
set itself here
to be freed from
claws of past
and forge forwards

Recta ad cor

Obsessed with consistency
we are
patterns of familiarity
pacify us
making us weak
implacable to chaos
unnoticeable patterns

wash myself in obstinacy
mind as rigid as lumbar
delinquent curiosity
makes our
future bleak
hope a challenge to current ethos
kindle a lantern