Hey, it’s Draken. Living a typical millenial life on the internet. I hail from a family of Kashmiri Pandits who migrated to several parts of India during the period of higher intolerance towards the Hindu minority in the Kashmir valley (Not that there was no intolerance towards us before that). My parents were born villagers. I lived my entire life in a city but I have always wanted to live my life in the countryside. The busy, mundane and hectic city life irks me. I seek harmony and peace in everything but for my beliefs (developed individually) I stand my ground hard. I rather try to avoid talking to others about what I feel because I think it is better to know or judge me through not what my beliefs are but what I am as a person.
Being an Atheist, I do not entirely believe in the concept of God but my logic of Universe’s creation is something beyond comprehension of most of the people I’ve ever met. Since, eastern philosophies and western philosophies differ(and the world nowadays revolves around the western world too much. Thanks to the media and YouTube.), people sometimes frown when I say I am a Hindu Atheist.
My passion includes coding, creative writing, theoretical physics, mathematics and music. But time allocation to each is a problem in my current time of life.
India is a vast and beautiful country. I am absolutely proud of my country. This patriotism does not augment from the roots of blind faith. Despite all the hardships we face, we remain a democracy and we try to achieve the best for what is good of all the people of this country. Democracy is a major advantage and a disadvantage of our nation. While people are given the freedom, rights, passions to pursue, it is the same people who forget to be honest with their duties, instill integrity, security, order.

I always wanted to augment something creative through the art of writing. The interest was ignited in me by my sister. When I was in 2nd grade, she started teaching me English Grammar and read out stories to me. I loved reading stories. I used to grab any book be it my mom’s lecture books or my sister’s literature books prescribed to her in school. I would grab anything and find something to read (whatever sounded like a story to me). In 3rd grade, I started writing my own stories. To get a better feel of the characters, I would act them out as if I was the character myself. That helped me better understand a character and know how the character would respond to a certain situation and how the story would move forward. Overtime, due to circumstances I stopped enacting my characters. I would write stories but played out the characters in my mind instead of acting as them. It was time saving but there was more fun in role-playing. I was at the summit of the Mount Vocablury during my 8th grade. I was able to retrieve high class words to more appropriately describe a situation in my story but overtime due to the academics and certain circumstances, writing stories became secondary and that fire of writing stories went away… I was left with a half-finished work. Though I plan to release it someday.


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