Chaleb Meam Uno

that disturbance passed
through me
I shivered from the cold
the humiliation grounded
cheeks flushed, mind rushed
scooted out, eyes moist
ideas shunned, desolate mind

the dark green woods
eyes swiveled around
face wore a smug
heart was warm
this was my clandestine vantage

through an inevitable walk
eyes caught a soul
wrapped in a blanket
of glaucous aura
hinds touching, knees hoisted
my feet squelched
the soul turned
a faint glint of pain
in its eyes

sat next to it
looked it in the eye
my soul dived
into the abyss
as I wallowed in
I was encompassed by
colourful raging fire
it was beautiful
vermillion, viridian, indigo
it was beautiful
evident was the pain
it seared through my skin

before I could
be myself
I was up against the soul in
an inevitable embrace
augmenting delight
vanquishing sorrow
appeased the heart
an influx of warmth
swallowed my maroon
maroon against maroon
huddled into one-another


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